Below is a list of publications and related briefs developed to date from the Care Partners project.

Complexity in partnerships: A qualitative examination of collaborative depression care in primary care clinics and community‐based organizations in California, United States
Authors: Stuart Henderson, Jenny Wagner, Melissa Gosdin, Theresa Hoeft, Jürgen Unützer, Laura Rath
Journal: Health & Social Care in the Community
Date: February 2020
Costs of implementing and sustaining enhanced collaborative care programs involving community partners
Authors: Theresa Hoeft, Heather Wilcox, Ladson Hinton, Jürgen Unützer
Journal: Implementation Science
Date: April 2019
Partnering with community-based organizations to improve collaborative care for late-life depression
Author: Theresa Hoeft
Journal: Psychiatric News
Date: March 2019
Care Partners: How philanthropy can kick-start programs to engage community and family members to improve depression care for older adults
Authors: Ladson Hinton, Theresa Hoeft, Laura Rath, Jürgen Unützer
Journal: Grantmakers in Health
Date: March 2018
Directions for effectiveness research to improve health services for late-life depression in the United States
Authors: Theresa Hoeft, Ladson Hinton, Jessica Liu, Jürgen Unützer
Journal: American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry
Date: January 2016